Aakarna Dhanurasan


Aakarna Dhanurasan

Aakarna Dhanurasan:           
This asana is to be performed in sitting position. In this asana the shape of the body becomes like the shape of drawing the bow. Hence it is called Aakarna Dhanurasan.

  • Original Position:
  1. Keep both the legs straight.
  2. Put knees touching the ground.
  3. Keep heels and toes of both the feet joined.
  4. Keep hands straight from elbow and in the side of both the legls.
  5. Keep palms on the ground.
  6. Keep fingers of hand joined with one another.
  7. Keep upper part of the body from waist straight and loose.
  • Method :
  1. Hold toes of both the feel with index fingers(First fingers) and thumbs of both the hands.
  2. Pull the same leg with any one hand. Pull the keep toe of the foot till it reaches near the ear.
  3. There is another method of doing this Asana keep both the legs straight and hold them with tangled hands. Then pull the leg held by hand below upto ears.
  4. Stay for about a minute in this asana for the same time duration on the other side.
  • Points to bear in mind :
  1. Bring the leg held by hand slowly upto ear, don't make haste.
  2. The stomach would be contracted and bent a little.
  • Benefits :
  1. Muscles of the whole body get good pulling with this asana.
  2. Flexibility of the body increases.
  3. It is useful in lessening fatigue of the body.

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