Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Anulom - Vilom Pranayam

  • Anulom - Vilom Pranayam Method :
  1. Sit in padmasana, siddhasana or any meditation asana.
  2. Keep the left hand on the left knee gyanmudr.
  3. Perform pranav mudra with right hand.
  4. Now, close the right nostril with the help of the thumb and inhale the breath through the left nostril slowly and deeply. Then, close the left nostril, with anamika and kanishthika fingers and taking the chain towards the throat depression, perform the jalandhar bandh and withhold the breath inside.
  5. After withholding the breath as per capacity, release the deep breath through the right nostril slowly and uniformly.
  6. After completing the release of the breath i.e. rechak, breath in with the right nostril slowly and close the right nostril with the thumb.
  7. After with-holding the breath as per the capacity, release it through the right nostril slowly.
  8. Thus, it is one complete repetition of Anulom - Vilom Pranayam.
  • Repetitions :
In the beginning one should practise with five repetitions. Along with the practice one can increase the number of repetitions.
  1.  Always start practising poorak with the left nostril.
    Anulom-Vilom Pranayam
  2. After poorak, perform rechak with the other nostril.
  3. In no situation both the nostrils should be kept open at a time.
  • Benefits :
  1. Every cell gets the oxygen in enough quantity.
  2. It controls high B.P.
  3. It creates balance of Panch -Pran in the body.
  4. The deterioration of the defects of gas, acidity and cough get rid-of.
  5. Concentration, remembrance power, decisive power and self confidence are increased.
  6. Keeps the mind peaceful and balanced.
  7. Right and left minds are equally developed.

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