Monday, March 25, 2019

Chandrabhedan Pranayam

Chandrabhedan Pranayam :
       In Chandrabhedan prnayam, breathing action is totally opposite to that of suryabhedan pranayam.
In Chandrabhedan Pranayam, the action of breathing always starts with left nostril. In Shastras, the left nostril is called as chandranadi or Idanadi or strinadi.

  • Chanadrabhedan Pranayam Method :
  1. Sit in siddhasan, padmasana or sukhasana position. keep the left hand on the left knee in gyanmundra.
  2. Perform Pranav Mudra with right hand and close right nostril i.e. suryabhedi with the thumb and inhale completely with left nostril.
  3. Perform Jalandhar bandh and have antahakumbhak. With hold the breath as per the tolerance capacity.
  4. Then, release the jalandhar bandh and keeping the left nostril closed, enhale the breath completely through the right nostril.
  • Repetitions :
In the beginning one can do 12 repetitions. Gradually one cane reach up to 36 repetitions.

  • Benefits :
  1. the muscles of the head get rest.
  2. The diseases of acidity and those of the nostril get rid-of. The unnecessary heat of body is removed.
  3. For high blood pressure patients this is the best pranayam.
  4. The vices like fear and weakness temperaments disappear.
  5. Makes on individual peace minded, Compromising and practical.
  6. It takes the pran tattva up to sushumna nadi and becomes helpful to awake the power of kundalini.

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