Thursday, March 7, 2019


 This asana is to be done in sitting position. The form of this asana is just like a child in the embryo. Hence, it is called Garbhasana.

  • Original Position :
  1. First of all extending the legs straight.
  2. Put hands on the side of the thigh.
  3. Make the spine straight a little.
  • Method :
  1. At first hold padmasana.
  2. Draw out the right hand from the right calf and thigh and the left hand from the left calf and thigh up to the elbow.
  3. First of all do Poorak. Then while doing Rechak hold the right ear-lobe with the right hand and left ear-lobe with the left.
  4. In this position be in normal breathing according to capacity.
  5. While doing Poorak, come again in the original position.
  • Points to bear in mind :
  1. While doing this asana, take care that you do not tumble down.
  • Benefits :
  1. Semen is saved and the mind becomes steady.
  2. Many Disorders of the intestine get rid of.
  3. Fat on the thigh gets removed and the thigh becomes shapely.

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