Tuesday, March 12, 2019


                    This asana is to be done in standing position. In this asana the shape of body becomes like Garuda, Hence it is called Garudasana. The Garudasana named after the divine creature Garuda, the fierce bird and the vehicle of lord Vishnu has it all Strength,balance, coordination, and harmony. As a twising Yoga posture the practitioners of Egale Pose twirl and stretch and wrap their hands and feet in order to untangle their body, mind and spirit upon release of the yoga posture.

  • Garudasan Original Position:
  1. Keep both the legs together.
  2. Keep both the hands straight, close to the body, sight straight-in front.
  3. Keep fingers of hands touching the body.
  • Garudasan Method :
  1. Let the right leg be on the ground as it is. 
  2. Hold the left leg high, and wrap the right leg on the front side. Left leg would be wrapped and close to right leg.
  3. Raise both hands high in the front and entrap both hands with each other in a knot. In this position keep both hands in front of the mouth.
  4. This is the complete state of garudasana. stay in this state as percapacity.
  5. Come in the initial position in the reverse order.
  6. Practise this asana on the other leg for the same time period.
  • Garudasan Poits to bear in mind :
  1. Arrange hands and legs like this. That hand concerning the leg steady in the ground, may be arrange higher than the other hand, and then tangle the hand. When you perform this asana on the second leg arrangement of the hand would change.
  2. Take care not to fall.
  • Garudasan Benefits :
  1. Legs and hands become strong
  2. Balance capacity of the body increases.
  3. Practice of this asana in adolescence stage helps in increasing height.
  4. Concentration increases. It helps in Dharana.
  5. It helps in restraining the mind.
  6. Strengthens and stretches the ankles and calves.
  7. Stretches the thighs, hips, shoulders and upper back.
  8. Improves concentration. improves sense of balance.

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