Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Makarasana :
                   This asana is to be done in the position lying on the stomach "Makar" means "Magar". When this asana is in the complete state, the body seems like a magar.

  • Makarasana Original Position :
  1. Lie on stomach.
  2. Keep both the hands in side of thigh.
  3. Keep palms touching the ground.
  4. Keep the legs touching each other.
  5. Keep chin leant on ground, the body completely in erect position.
  • Makarasana Method :
  1. Keep a distance of a foot between both legs. Keep heels inside, figers and toes outside.
  2. Keep both the hands one above the other below forehead.
  3. Relax the body completely stress free, and lie down in the relaxed position.
  • Points to bear in mind :
  1. Make respiration process very normal and natural.
  2. Make the complete body loose and relax.
  3. Make the mind quiet.
  4. The person suffering from low B.P. and problem pertaining to heart should not do this asana.
  • Makarasana Benefits :
  1. Physical fatigue is removed.
  2. Intestines become active, due to which gas and  constipation are removed.
  3. Fat decreases.
  4. It is beneficial to the patient of high B.P.
  5. Mental stress and sleeplessness are removed.
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