Thursday, March 7, 2019


This asana is to be performed by supine. Pavan means gas and mukta means released. This name of the asana shows that this asana removes unnecessary gas from the stomach and the intestine.

  • Original Position : 
  1. While lying on the back, keep both the hands near knees / near thigh.
  2. Keeps legs near to each other and palms touched to each other and straight from the knees.
  3. Leep palms open to sky.
  • Method :
  1. Bend legs from knee. Keep both the heels near the hip and knees in the direction of the sky.
  2. While doing rechak, bring knees near the chest and press with the help of hands.
  3. Raise the trunk and the head and establish them in between the chin and knees. Perform bahya kumbhak after doing Rechak.
  4. Heels should be in touch with the hip and pressure on the stomach is to be applied with the thigh.
  5. In order to attain complete benefit of this asan do Rechak completely and try to remain in the bahyakumbhak as long as possible.
  6. Come again in the original position slowly.
  • Point to bear mind :
  1. It is essential to pay attention to Rechek in this asana. Do complete Rechak and bahya kumbhak also.
  2. Don't do this asana while suffering from hernia, severe waist pain, and injury to stomach.
  • Benefits :
  1. Constipation and gas get removed.
  2. Disorders of digestive organs are removed and their capacity increases.
  3. One gets rid of knees pain and ankle pain.
  4. Waist ache and back -ache are removed.
  5. Fat on the stomach decreases.

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