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             This asana is to be done lying on the stomach. Shalabha means locust. In this asana the shape of the body becomes like shalabha, hence it is called shalabhasana. Locust pose or grasshopper pose is an asana The name comes from the sanskrit words "shalabh" meaning "grasshopper" it is backbend or spine stretch using the strength of the upper and middle back to lift the weight of the legs as high as possible from a starting position face down on the floor. it improves flexibility and coordination and increases strength and stamina.
Beginners may find that their shoulder and elbow flexibility is not sufficient to allow them to get the hands palm down right underneath the body.

  • Shalabhasana Original Position :
  1. Lie on the stomach.
  2. Keep both the hands on the side of thigh
  3. Keep palms touching the ground.
  4. Put legs close to each other.
  5. Keep chin leant on the ground.
  6. Whole body straight.
  7. Shalabhasana

  • Shalabhasana Method :
  1. Do Poorak for long. Raise up both the legs simultaneosly straight from the ground. For that press your palms on the ground, and make use of hands as lever This is the complete position of asana.
  2. Stay in internal kumbhak according to capacity. Then bring down legs while doing Rechak.
  3. Come in initial position.
  • Shalabhasana Points to bear in mind :
  1. Bring your legs very slowly, while lifting both legs high and again keeping them down, see that there is no collision even a little.
  2. Don't do this asana, if suffering from hernia, ulcers, high blood pressure, internal TB or any problem of heart, and severe waist ache.
  • Shalabhasna Benefits :
  1. Troubles of stomach, constipation and gas are removed.
  2. Liver, pancreas, kidney and pituitary glads become strong.
  3. Additional fat is removed and waist becomes thin and shapely.
  4. The spine becomes strong and its nerves become efficient.
  5. Piles are removed.
  6. Strengthens the muscles of the spine, buttocks and backs of the arms and legs.
  7. Stretches the shoulders, chest, belly and thighs. Improves posture.Stimulates abdominal organs. Helps relieve stress.
  8. Shalabhasana 

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