Sunday, March 17, 2019

Suryabhedan Pranayam

Suryabhedan Pranayam Definition:
 Surya bhedan pranayama is a yogic breathing technique in which only the right nostril is used for inhaling. The name comes from Sanskrit, Surya, meaning "sun"; bhedana, meaning, "piercing", "penetrating" or "reliving"; prana, which is life force energy; and asana means "pose" or "posture".

  • Method :
    Surya bhedan
  1. Sit in sidhasana, padmasana or sukhasana.
  2. Keep the left hand in the knee in gyanmudra. Press the first two fingers of right hand in the root of right thumb. Keep the third finger and the last finger straight. This is pranav mudra. In pranav mudra close the left nostril with anamika. Breath in with right nostril, as possible. Now close the right nostril with the thumb.
  3. Then have Jalandhar bandh and do antahakumbhak as long as possible.
  4. At the end, release the jalandharbandh and keeping the right nostril closed, breath out with left nostril completely and perform rechak.
         In suryabhedan pranayam, the action of breathing always starts with right nostril. In right nostril is called as suryanadi or pinglanadi or purushnadi.
  • Repetitions :
        In the beginning one can do 12 repetitions, gradually one can reach upto 36 repetitions.
  • Benefits :
  1. Purifies the muscles of the face. Mind is purified.
  2. Sinus disease of the nostril gets rid-of.
  3. Some times there is sweating in the roots of hair. This is a good sign.
  4. The worms of intestine are destructed.
  5. Cough and gas troubles are remove. Body can tolerate the cold.
  6. For low blood pressure-patients this pranayam is very miraculous.
  7. The vices like yearning and anger are controlled.
  8. It takes pran tattva up to sushumna ndi and becomes helpful to awake the power of kundalini.
In suryabhedan pranyam the action of breathing always starts with right nostril is called as suryandi or oinglanadi or purushnadi.
The main purpose of the surya bhedana pranayama is to increase the physical energy and to revitalize the body. it helps to bbosts the sympathetic nervous system and increases the efficiency of digestive system. it helps to remove any kafa imbalance by increasing the body temperature.

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