Thursday, March 7, 2019


This asana is to be done in sitting position. Ushra means camel. In Complete state of this asana the shape of body resembles to the shape of the cmle to some extent. Hence it is called ushtrasana.

  • Original Position :
  1. Keep both the legs straight.
  2. Put knees touching the ground.
  3. Keep heels and toes of both the legs joined.
  4. Keep hands straight from the elbow and in the side of both the legs.
  5. Put palms on the ground.
  6. Keep fingers of the hand joined with one another.
  7. Keep upper part of the body from wist straight and loose.
  • Method :
  1. At first hold Vajrasan.
  2. Keep the distance of about foot between both the knees, keep distance of about four inches between toes of both legs.
  3. Strech both the hands from behind, hold the ankels of both the legs firmly.
  4. Stretch thigh, stomach and chest forward and bend the head backside. The body from the knee to the head would remain bent like a spring.
  5. Remain in this position according to one's strength. Then come in the original position in reverse order.
  • Pionts to bear in mind:
  1. Draw out the stomach and the chest as far as possible. Bend the head backside as much as possible.
  2. Continue breathing with normal speed.
  3. Don't stay in this asana for long.Repeat this for three to five times.
  • Benefits :
  1. Spine remains flexible, healthy and efficient.
  2. Constipation and indigestion get removed.
  3. Respiration-efficiency increases. The liver, spleen and pancreas remain healthy and efficient.
  4. Unessential fat body gets removed. 

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