Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Dharana - Antarang Yoga

  • Dharana :
          Dharana is the first anga of Antarang Yoga : Maharshi Patanjali has in the Yoga-shashtra.

         To control the mind in limit of one region is called Dharana. The mind purifeid with the adequate study of Bahirang yoga gets concentrated at one place. It is called 'Dharana'. The general meaning of Dharana is concentration. Sadhana to increase the concentration of the mind is called Dharana. With the help of Dharana only, the mind can be concentrated successfully at one point

         The mind remains in the contemplated aim for five 'ghadi' is called Dharana. In other words get the pure mind concentrated in some object or idol of one's favourite deity is called Dharana. Concentration is very important in life. With the help of concentration situation, mind and senses can be controlled.

         Dharana can be performed internally and externally. First of all, the sadhak should practise external Dharana and then internal Dharana.

         In External Dharana, the mind can be concentrated on some idol, jewel, gem, torch by making vision steady at one place through Tratak with eyes open, while in internal Dharana the mind can be concentrated on material objects with closed eyes. In the same way effect can be made to see the sun, the star, God etc. with open eyes. The followings three things are inevitable for getting success in Dharana. (1) Patience (2) Enthusiasm (3) Holiness

  • Importance of Dharana :
         Antarang yoga begins with dharana. Hence it is very important.
  1. If the sadhaka yogi has performed dharna properly, he can attain meditation first and then samadhi. Steady Dharana is the pre-condition of meditation and samadhi.
  2. If the mind has concentration, unsteadiness prevalent in the student gets removed. Concentration is very much essential in studies. Dharana removes unsteadiness of the mind and brings steadiness and concentration, which is very useful for the student in his studies.
  3. Regular practice of dharana brings steadiness in the mind and thereby increases self-confidence.
  • Subjects of Dharana :
         Subject of Dharana are of five different forms :
  1. External Subjects : Idol, Picture, Omkar, Jyoti, etc.
  2. Mental Subjects : Branch of a tree, sea, sky idol of the God. External subjects imagined mentally.
  3. Subjects in the form of external organs of the body. The tip of the nose, eye-brow etc.
  4. Internal subjects of the body : The heart, the navel, chakras etc.
  5. Subjects beyond the reach of the senses : Hearing the sound, Flame darshan etc.
  • Methods for Dharana :
         Maharshi Patanjali has described various beautiful methods in Yoga sootra :
  1. Keeping the mind continuously associated with some special distingishing thoughts.
  2. Remembering some object, or mental recitation of one's favourite God.
  3. Taking support of some hint attained in dreams during sleep.
  4. Concentrating the mind on any distinguished person who is completely non-attached.

         Hence the negative thoughts are removed and it helps in purification of nadi.

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