Saturday, April 27, 2019

How to do the Gomukhasan

Gomukhasan :

This asana is to be done in the sitting possition. Since the shape of both the knees of the legs resemble like the mouth of the cow, it is called gomukhasana.

Basic Position :

While sitting keep both legs straight. The heels and the toes of the legs to be kept closed. Keeping both the bands straight from the elbows, put them on the sides of the legs, having the palms in touch with the ground. The fingers will remain straight.Keep the body above the waist straight and relaxed.

Method :

  • While breathing in, bend the left leg from the knee. Keep it in such a way that its heel remains pressed under the buttock of the right leg.
  • Then, bend the right leg from the knee in such a way that its knee remains adjusted under the knee of the left leg. The heel of the right leg remains pressed under the buttock of the left leg.
  • Taking the right hand on the back, keep it in such a way that its palm remains outward having the wrist downward and the fingers upward.
  • Then, take the left hand from above the shoulder on the back side, bend it from the elbow and grasp the fingers of the right hand. The bended position of the elbow of the left hand should remain in touch with the back side of the head. this is the complete position of the asana.
  • Remain in the above position for a while and then to come in the basic position :
    • Bring the left hand from above the back side to the front.
    • Bring the right hand from below the back side to the front.
    • Make the left leg straight.
    • Make the right leg straight.

Points to be kept in mind :

  • This asana should be performed either in the morning or in the evening having empty stomach.
  • after performing this asana, remain in shavasan for a while.
  • Do not do this asana if one is having swelling in small or large intestines and also if there is swelling on the spleen or in the kidney.

Benefits :

  • The pains in the back shoulder and the neck get reduced.
  • It is useful in reducing swelling on the testicles and also in hernia disease.
  • Prostate and diabetes patients get ease.
  • Chest gets developed.
  • It gives care in rheumatism disease.
  • It increases resistance power.
  • Asthma disease gets rid-of. Stomach and lungs diseases get rid-of.
  • High blood pressure and law blood pressure are controlled. 

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