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Padmasan :

               This asana is to be done in sitting position. Since the position of the body resembles like a padma in this asana, it is called Padmasan.

Basic position :

                While sitting keep both the legs straight. The heels and the toes of the legs to be kept closed. Keeping both the hands straight from the elbows, put them on the sides of the legs having the palms is touch with the ground. The fingers will remain straight. Keep the body above the waist straight and relaxed.

yoga vichar

Method :

  • Holding the toe of the left leg with right hand, bend it from the knee and put its palm on the thigh of the right - leg.
  • Then, holding the toe of the right leg with left hand, bend it from the knee and put its palm and the thigh of the left leg. Keep the back sides of both the heels in such a way that they remain in touch with the nearer parts of the navel.
  • Keep the tips of the first fingers and the toes of both the hands in touch with each other. Rest of the three fingers will remain straight forming gyanmudra. Put both the hands on the respective knees.
  • Slowly keep the eyes cloesd. This is the complete position of the asana.
Lopa-mudra :
                 In padmasan the second position is called lopamudra.

  • Keeping the padmasan position, leave both the hands from above the knees and put the palms of both the hands on one another in front of the navel making Lopa-mudra position. Keep the head neck and the back in a straight line.
  • Remain in this position for some time and to come in basic position :
    • Open the eyes slowly.
    • Keep the hands free from their positions.
    • Make the right leg straight.
    • Make the left leg straight.
Point to be kept in mind :
  • Asana should be perform with peace of mind.
  • The sitting time in this asana should be increased slowly
  • Do the asana with empty stomach in the morning or evening.
Benefits :
  • Concentration increases. It is useful in celibacy.
  • The flow of animate power becomes elevated.
  • The thighs and waists become strong.
  • Mind becomes peaceful which is useful for meditation.

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