Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Bhadrasan :

Bhadra means prosperity. Hence this asan is understood as prosperity giving, it is called Bhadrasan.

Method :

Sit keeping the legs straight.  Bring the palms of both the legs together like namaskar position of the bands. the legs shall remaining in bending position from the knees. Fixing the fingers of the hands in one another, hold the palms of the legs from below strongly. Now bring both the legs nearer to the body with the help of the hands. If possible bring the legs near the sivnisthan. keep the body straight and bring the chest up. press both the knees on the ground. let the breathing be normal.
yoga vichar

Points to be kept in mind :

  • Do not perform this asana when you are suffering from any disease.
  • Perform this asana without jerks.
  • Slowly improve the respective positions, and then try to get the complete position.

Benefits :

  • The joints of the legs and the muscles become strong.
  • Reproductive organ and the digestive system become efficient.
  • The fat on the inner part of the thigh decreases.
  • Determination power increases Intellect becomes sharp.
  • Effective for the treatment of piles.
  • Advantageous in curing the diseases like tuberculosis, heart disease, isomnia etc.

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