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Shavasan :

Shav means like a dead body. Since in this asana the position of the body resembles like a ded body it is called shavasan. It is also know as Vishramasan or Shithilasan.

Basic Position :

Sleep on the back keeping the face toward the sky. keep the hands beside the body. the palms shall face the sky. the legs shall remain little apart and straight from the knees. keep the body relaxed.

Method :

  • Keep 30 cm to 45 cm distance between the legs and let the palms of the legs be inclined sidewards
  • Keep the hands 10 to 15 cm away from the body.
  • Keep the palms of the hands facing toward the sky. Keep the fists of the hand half open.
  • Keep the head in the steady position either on the right side or the left side. Close the eyes slowly.
  • Breath deeply and inhale slowly.
  • Remove the tention from all the muscles, veins and the organs of the body. Make whole body relaxed. No part of the body should be harsh.
  • Close the eyes, Loosen all the parts of the body from the toe to the head and observe the breathing, think with peace of mind that the tention and fatigue of all the parts are decreasing. Feel that the whole body is relaxed. be an eyewitness of the things, that happen in the body and mind.
yoga vichar

Points to be kept in mind :

Different methods of performing shavasan are as follow.

  • Experience breathing with mind.
  • Method of heaviness against lightness.
  • Method of experiencing positive thoughts.
  • Method of experiencing tension and looseness.
  • There is no sleeping in shavasan but there should be alertness from inside.
  • Shavasan seems to be an easy asana, but to get perfection, it requires more practice and special vision or exclusive vision which is difficult to get but it is most beneficial asana. In Yoga.
  • Have less movement while performing shavasan.
  • Do not perform shavasan immediately after taking food.

Benefits :

  • The tension on nerves decreases and one can get good sleep.
  • The anger becomes quiet. Blood circulation in whole of the body becomes effective which helps in getting new energy and enthusiasm.
  • The joints of the legs and the muscles become strong.
  • One gets efficiency in doing the works.
  • The weakness of all the veins and muscles gets rid-of. fatigue, tention and negative thoughts also get rid-of. the energy increases.
  • Body gets new life and mind gets energy, freahness, peace and enthusiasm.
  • After performing any asana shavasan should be performed. this gives rest to all parts of the body. if shavasan is performed before doing any asan it prepares the mind for the practice of yoga.
  • If shavasan is performed for 10 minutes, it gives the advantage of taking sleep for the practice of yoga.
  • shavasan develops the position for Dhyan-meditation.
  • Remaining the complete position for a while and coming to the basic position
    • Bring the legs together.
    • Bring the hands nearer to the body.
    • Bend the right leg from the knee and put the palm near the knee of the left leg.
    • Turn to the left side. Place right hand on the side.
    • Get up with the help of the hands.
    • Put both the hands on the side.   

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